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What is LiBS?

양극과 음극 사이에 필름형태로 삽입되어 있는 LiBS

A lithium-ion battery is used to power electronic products like mobile phones, laptop computers, and electric vehicles. It is made with anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, and separators that envelop the battery through layers.

Among them, a lithium-ion battery separator is a microporous film of polyolefin class that protects a battery by blocking direct contact between anodes and cathodes within a cell. This core component enables lithium ions to function as cells passing freely between pores that are nanometers in size (10-8m). In addition, the separator protects pores from fire and explosion by shutting down the inside pores when the temperature of a cell rises due to abnormal extreme loading.

The physical properties of a separator, like thickness, permeability, mechanical strength, and thermal shrinkage rate must be adjusted to fit the specific features of the applied battery. A low thermal shrinkage rate and shutdown functions are also required to ensure the safety of a battery.

[Shutdown : The safety of a battery is secured by shutting down the inside pores in the event of a temperature rise due to abnormal extreme loading]


Since the launch of its first separator in 2005, through its R&D commitment SK Innovation has developed manufacturing technology for a wet-type separator with various physical properties. It has also developed a high heat-resistant separator by using ceramic materials and a coating technology to apply the advanced separator to areas where a high level of safety is required.

Features of ENPASS® (SKI’s LiBS brand)

  • Superior-quality evenness
  • Manufacturing a wet-type separator with various physical properties through a patented process (customer tailoring)
  • High heat-resistant separator using ceramic materials (CCS: Ceramic-coated separator)

What's Next?

Applications for rechargeable batteries will continue to expand across industries, requiring the development of more advanced separators. SK Innovation is spearheading research on a range of materials and processes to develop the separator manufacturing technology that can improve the performance and safety of rechargeable batteries.

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